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3 tips to help you get started with Beeseet

On April 5th 2021, the 21st Century Cures Act came into place. This Federal Rule, mandates that there are 8 types of clinical notes that must not be blocked and must be made available free of charge to patients.

In simple terms what this means is that now, patients have the legal right to access whatever medical information health care practitioners and providers have about them. Patients are also encouraged to report any practitioner that «blocks» their access to their medical data.

This post is not meant for legal advice, instead, we want you to get you up and running as quickly as possible with Beeseet. Why? Because Beeseet is the only app designed to help you be compliant with the 2021 Cures Act, in a quick, intuitive and frictionless way.

So, you downloaded Beeseet, and now what´s next?  These are the first three things that you have to do with Beeseet:

Create your first case.​

Cases are containers for your notes. Just like in your work EMR each patient has an indentifier, in Beeeseet each patient is a case. When creating a case do not use any patient identifiable information like name or email address. Many health care professionals use the same patient number as their work EMR, this helps them find quicker their patients in Beeseet.

Create a case beeeseet
record a note beeseet
Record your first note

Voice transcription is proven to be 6x faster than simply typing in your computer. Now you have in your pocket a powerful voice transcription tool designed for healthcare professionals. When recording your notes, talk naturally at a steady pace. Don´t go too fast, imagine you are explaining something to a 7 year old kid.

Open the web app

The web app allows you to access all your notes on your desktop. It doesn’t require any IT integration, and it works on any web browser.

With the web app you will have realtime access to all the notes that you create in your phone. From there , it´s as easy as copy/paste onto your EMR of choice. Or you may want to use your notes in a word processor to prepare patient reports.

To access the web app, login with your credentials visiting: https://beeseet.web.app

web app beeseet
in app sharing beeseet
[BONUS TIP] Share your notes:

Beeseet has in in-app sharing option. With this, you can share by email, a beautiful visit report, detailing everything that you recorded in Beeseet. The report is automatically created. Patients love it, it makes you Cures Act compliant, and it takes you 0 effort!

If at any point you are stuck and want help, email us at info@beeseet.com, and we will be more than happy to help you. Do you want a personalised 1 to 1 coaching session to take you from 0 to hero with Beeseet? send us an email!

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