Are your clinical notes
ready to be seen by your patients?

(The 2021 Cures Act enforces you to share your notes)

Bullet proof your notes with in-room dictation.

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The only mobile app designed for in-room dictation.

Be more efficient.

Dictation is 6x faster than typing. Healthcare practitioners save time, patients save time, the whole process is way more efficient.

Organize information easily

Your diagnostic, instructions and your visit, are automagically transcribed by Beeseet. Then seamlessly formatted in a friendly way to be used by you and your patients

Care that extends beyond the visit

Forget the generic leaflet or the loose handwritten notes. Beeseet sends the patient a clear summary of their visit

Checkout how Beeseet works.


In room dictation helps you be compliant with the 2021 Cures Act. At all times you are 100% transparent with your patient. Beeseet is the only app designed for frictionless in-room dictation.

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You dictate brief and clear notes.
Beeseet transcribes them.
It's that easy.


Patient Friendly Notes

Share with your patients their information, in a transparent and easy format to understand.


No need for IT integrations

Beeseet has a built-in, free to use desktop app, that makes it a breeze to use along your EMR. of choice


Browse your notes

Your notes, in your pocket, filtered
by date, case number or keywords.

Healthcare practicioners changing their practice with Beeseet.



Free forever, up to 10 cases or 200 notes.

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Beeseet has been tested by the healthcare teams of these institutions.

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100% GDPR Compliant

Every part of our app is compliant with GDPR
for the safety of your medical notes.

Doctor & patient privacy, guaranteed

We take your privacy seriously, that´s why our system
has been created to keep your notes and data safe.

Consentimiento en la app

Ahora puedes gestionar el consentimiento de tus pacientes dentro de nuestra app, en segundos. Para tu tranquilidad profesional.

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Start using beeseet free

Beeseet is freeforever, up to 10 cases or 200 notes.

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