Beeseet is a clinical notes assistant, specially designed to help healthcare professionals have their notes “patient friendly” and be compliant with the 2021 Cures Act. It is a free mobile app that uses voice transcription, to reduce the time spent by healthcare practitioners, documenting their cases.

You dictate, the patient listens and Beeseet takes notes: It’s like having an assistant taking notes on your cell phone. Decrease your typing time, improve communication with your patients, then just copy and paste to your EMR using our web app, available from any browser, without IT integrations.

Save key case images: Capture and upload important photos for clinical documentation, photographs, x-rays and more.

Catch up with your cases: Categories allow you to quickly identify what you need. Our search and specialized filters help you catch up with your patient in seconds.

Reconnect with your patients: Beeseet allows you to focus on what really matters, your patients. By not having to look at the computer screen while transcribing your notes, the patient receives more information and receives better care.


Beeseet is available for free on your appstore of choice:

  • Beeseet helps you to be compliant with the 2021 Cures Act by giving you an app designed with patient transparency at it´s core.

  • When you dictate, your patient is always aware of what is being discussed. You also generate higher quality notes, without rushing to type while talking to your patient.

  • You will save time by catching up on your case in recurring patient visits. 

  • By dictating your notes, you will increase the patient’s eye contact and understanding, since he or she will be listening to them as well.

  • You will actively involve your patients in the visit, allowing them to correct you or provide additional important data for their diagnosis and treatment.

  • With the app´s automated reports, you will be able to share the notes with your patients, making them partners in their consultations, and generating a bond of trust and respect with their doctor. You won´t have to spend 1 minute creating patient reports, these are done automatically by Beeseet.
  • All the images related to the case, in one place. It has never been so easy to organize your multimedia library of clinical cases

No problem, with our web app, you can access in your computer every note you are recording in your mobile, as well as all the images you have added. This is frictionless, requires no IT integration and works with any browser. Then you can copy and paste what you need to your EMR of choice, with a single click. You can also send the notes you need by email, both for personal use and to share with your patient.


Of course. You can add photos to your cases, allowing you to organize them in your cases. You can also add notes making it easier to search for  and organize your library of clinical cases.

Not at all. Simply download Beeseet from the app store for your smartphone and start recording your clinical notes in minutes


Beeseet allows obtaining explicit consent from each patient during their first visit, so the storage and subsequent treatment of their data is legally authorized. In this way, the physician is completely protected by law. All the data collected by Beeseet is managed in such a way that the identity of the patient in relation to the notes of his history is protected to the maximum. We are GDPR compliant.


The patient’s right to access his/her medical record is explicitly mentioned in the new European regulation 2016 /679 on personal data protection. It states in its article 15 that if the patient requests a copy of his history at any time we must provide it, provided that we can verify his identity.

This is a worldwide trend, and even Americans who live in such a complicated medical-legal environment are very clear about transparent patient access to their entire medical history. Under the HIPPA legislation governing this area, individuals have a legal and enforceable right to see and receive copies of the information in their medical records and other health records maintained by their health care providers.


In general, patients do not expect doctors to write their notes in common language. They do not mind terms they do not understand and generally feel very fortunate to have more information about their own health, which they can then share with other healthcare professionals or even family members.

According to this study by Kachalia, transparent communication is the best policy. Even on a topic as sensitive as the disclosure of medical errors, open and honest communication can significantly reduce the number of lawsuits.

The most important factor when it comes to accountability is trust. Research clearly shows that access to clinical notes builds trust, even when errors are noted and corrected. Therefore, it seems logical that the relationship between transparency and legal problems is inversely proportional, the more honest we are the fewer lawsuits there will be.

For all these reasons, we have to clearly state that, the concept of protecting our patients’ clinical notes as Gollum protects its treasure, no longer applies in a modern transparent society. We have to adapt our practice to this reality and perhaps also take advantage of it.


Studies have thoroughly assessed the reactions of patients when they access the clinical notes we make about them.

Recent research suggests that inviting patients, families, and caregivers to review their notes can help them identify clinically important inaccuracies, address confusion about their treatment plan, or find flaws in follow-up that, once corrected, improve safety and treatment adherence.


Beeseet is a tool built for you. You use it in the same way that you would use the messaging app that you use, to share cases or plan procedures for your patients. All you need is your patient’s authorization.


You will have access to all your notes, anytime, anywhere. Does a colleague ask you about a case and you remember having a similar one in your office? You can search  your case in Beeseet and share anonymous notes with them instantly. Are you preparing a presentation and looking for cases that can be documented? Beeseet can help.

It doesn’t matter if you work in more than one hospital or clinic, all of your cases will be documented and available on Beeseet throughout your entire professional life.


Beeseet is today available in English, Spanish and Catalan.


Yes, you can search all your cases. You can also use filters such as category of notes, date range, etc. Do you want to see how all your cases of a specific diagnosis you have previously treated and consult their treatments? With Beeseet, it is very easy.